Lemony Snicket Biography

Who in the world is Lemony Snicket?

Lemony Snicket is the author of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Actually, Lemony Snicket is the pseudonym (a word which here means “A fictitious name assumed for the time, as by an author; a pen name”) of Daniel Handler.

Not a lot is known about Lemony Snicket, probably because he never shows up for interviews. Maybe he’s worried that Count Olaf will track him down and seek revenge for opening the Snicket file?

People who want to see Lemony Snicket always get to meet his friend Daniel Handler, who explains what unfortunate event occurred this time to prevent Snicket from showing up.

A few things we do know about Lemony Snicket:Lemony Snicket Unauthorized Biography

He was born before you and is likely to die before you.

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